Why Consistency is Key for your Social Media Marketing

At first glance, having a successful social media page seems easy, fun, and entertaining. However, what most people don't know is that it takes a great deal of time, dedication, and consistency in order to successfully grow a social media page. Although you may have great content and an eye-catching aesthetic, what you mainly need is consistency in order to flourish in the social media world. Consistently posting and engaging in other's posts will not only expand your exposure, but it'll also improve the algorithm on your page which is also key to acquiring an audience. The more people see you, the bigger your chances of capturing an audience. 

Here's how it's broken down:

Why Consistency

Like many things in life, people get accustomed to a routine that works best for them. When you post, your audience begins to form a type of bond which is much like a routine because they begin to look forward to your content on a regular basis. Imagine you post for a week straight and then out of the blue you go completely ghost on your social media page for 2 weeks. When you come back, chances are people have unfollowed you or will begin to unfollow because they feel you are not taking your content serious. People want fresh new content to look forward to and interact with. In order to avoid losing your audience to another page, you have to stay consistent with what you promised to provide in the first place.


Social media algorithms continue to change on a daily basis which is why consistency is so important. Your timeline is created based on the type of content you engage with and what the platform thinks you'll like best. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook tend to decrease your views on people's timelines if your posting decreases. The more socially active you are, the more air time that creates for you. However, there is a fine line between posting consistently and spamming. Social media platforms pick up on spam fairly quick so make sure to not over do it by posting too often. 

Recognition and Perception

People check their social media platforms a multitude of times during the day. If you post only once a week people might get the idea that in the end you don't bring valuable content to their timeline. You want to get positive recognition, not negative. Now, in order to bring the right content you have to post consistently but with the intent of entertaining and providing your audience with knowledgeable information.

Although it may be confusing because you have to be consistent, you have to come up with a healthy plan to execute consistent behavior in your social media platform without sounding like a salesman. Your audience's perception is what ultimate rules the success of your page. If it's positive and you keep them happy with your content, the algorithm will work its magic and expose your page to more people.