Instagram Algorithm

As Instagram continues to thrive in the social media world, it's algorithm is something that continues to challenge users. Although it can be a bit challenging to master at first, turns out you can actually use algorithms to your advantage in order to build a stronger Instagram strategy.

Instagram's algorithm actually works according to you. For example, your timeline is not only based on who you follow but also on your history of likes and engagement. According to the type of content that Instagram notices you're being more responsive to, it'll start to tailor your feed on what it thinks you'll like next. In other words, you are totally in control of the algorithm. 

If you find yourself having a hard time building up likes and engagement on your posts, the good news is there's quite a few things you can do in order to improve that.

First things first, post more and be consistent. As you post regularly, you'll not only improve your level of engagement but it will also tell the algorithm that your profile possesses quality content! The more you post the more exposure you are creating for yourself, which will raise the chances of your audience engaging with your page. Seek the help of a content calendar in order to stay on schedule and be consistent with your posts rather than having to create content at the last minute.

Besides classifying posts according to the level of engagement, the algorithm on Instagram also determines your relationship with users. If you seldomly comment or like someone's content, chances are that user's posts are rarely being exposed in your timeline. On the other hand, if you constantly engage with someone's content then Instagram's algorithm will classify that user as a close contact and will therefore prioritize their posts. 

As you continue to grow your platform on Instagram it's crucial that you remember these easy tips:

  • Comment on other's posts
  • Reply to comments within your own posts
  • Like other user's content
  • Stay in touch with your audience via DMs

Having a strong brand voice and personal aesthetic is also an essential tool which will help you be at the top of your follower's feed. You want your business to be remembered by something that makes you stand out from the rest. Think about what message you want to send to your followers. Aesthetically pleasing profiles are also the number one reason why users decide to follow you. Make sure your page is consistent, whether it be a signature color palette, type of content, or a catchy slogan. 

Instagram's algorithm is also taking into consideration how long ago you posted because it wants to show users the latest and greatest out there at the moment. Instagram for business allows you to see insights of when your followers are most active according to the time of the day. Analyze this data and schedule your posts based on when your users appear to be most active online, that way you're guaranteed a high amount of engagement. 

The order in which Instagram stories are organized is also affected by the algorithm. You'll notice that stories which are closer to the beginning are usually users that you engage with on the regular. As with posts, consistently posting stories will rank you higher within your follower's story feed. Several platforms exist where you can also schedule your stories to be posted at the best times according to your follower's online activity. 

Although Instagram's algorithm is basically always changing, the most important thing is that you understand the basics. Consistently posting and engaging, creating fresh new content, and keeping tabs on what works for your particular business and what doesn't will certainly help you be one step ahead of the algorithm.