Why are Emails Important?

Reaching out to people and acquiring new clients can be one of the toughest things to do when starting a business or trying to stay relevant once established. Email is one of the most effective methods used in order to globally reach new clients and potential customers who have expressed interest. This type of marketing allows for a more personal interaction because it allows you to tailor your message to the customer’s needs and it creates a bond with everyone you reach. Think about the last email you received from a business, did it feel personal, tailored to your interest, or completely generic? 

About 99% of people check their emails everyday. Although you won’t get a response from every single person you reach, your name is still being promoted as users check their inbox. Exposure is important and the more you have it, the greater the chances are of your business growing. Afterall, email marketing is completely free, convenient, easy, and effective. Technology has also advanced which means emails are at a person’s fingertips via their mobile device. Studies have found that 91% of people use their smartphones to access their email. They can easily open emails and engage with you in just a click of a button, no matter their location.

Keep in mind that email marketing and spam walk a very fine line. You want people to notice you but not get annoyed of you. Try to create emails that are personal and simple in order to build trust and create loyalty with those who are receiving your emails. As a start-up or small business, you want to try to work in the most cost-effective way which is why email marketing is a top contender.

Aside from free marketing, emails also offer the following benefits:

  • Promptness: Emails are sent and received almost instantly.
  • History: Unless intentionally deleted, emails will always be stored and available in your inbox for immediate review.
  • Organization: You can organize emails within folders which makes it easier than maintaining physical paper trail. 
  • Readiness: Most email platforms contain search bars which allows you to find emails at any time. 

So when thinking about an effective approach to reach a large volume of people, consider the impact an email can have. It’s completely free, convenient, and takes almost no time to create and send. After all, chances are your potential customer is already checking their inbox!