6 Ways to Help your Business Standout From the Competition

When creating a business, individuality is something you must keep in mind as you develop your brand. If you want to be successful in the market, you must bring something to the table that sets you apart from thousands of other businesses who are in your field. A huge part of building your individuality is offering services to your customers which they cannot obtain from your competitor. What are you doing different? Why you and not them? How much are you willing to do for your client? What truly sets you apart from the competition?

In order to help you answer these questions, check out the following ways you can stand out from the competition:

1. Pricing

Reducing prices and offering discounts is a tricky strategy because you risk diminishing your product's quality and value. It can also turn profits into losses and cause bankruptcy within the entire industry. However, pricing is also an easy way to stand out from your competitors. You can create a slightly distinct pricing model which you see best conforming for your niche of customers. Try using the freemium method where you offer your customers free access to certain features which will eventually require them to pay if they want further access to those features or services. 

2. Personalization 

Technology has fueled the movement of personalization in the last few years. This includes building your own sneaker, t-shirt, accessory, and more. Due to this preference, customers are usually looking for products or services which they feel are made just for them or for their specific needs. Come up with services or products which will allow your customers to build a personal connection. Don't just sell with the intent of making money. Yes, money is the number one motive behind your business but try to hold revenue and customer satisfaction with the highest regard. Allow your products and services to feel tailored to people's needs in order to guarantee a steady customer base and welcome potential business. 

3. Speed

In a world where everything is instant and people are constantly moving at a rapid pace, you have to be able to deliver on time. There is no room for patience and everyone wants things fast. This expectation is far from gone with companies like Amazon offering one day delivery. Put it this way, when it comes to holidays, birthdays, and special occasions we all tend to procrastinate on getting a gift. It's the day before the big day and you're scrambling online to find the perfect gift only to find out it won't get delivered for another week. This will drive you to look at other retailers and that business will lose business for not offering fast shipping. Make sure your business offers the luxury of express shipping because chances are customers will pay for it anyway since they are in a hurry.

4. Exclusive Design

Don't sabotage your business by overdoing it with your design aesthetic. Think about businesses you buy from on a regular basis and their design. Or we can also look at Apple's logo, an apple. Sometimes less is more and simplicity is best. Design not only covers your logo but also your website and your products. Create a look that resembles quality and luxury without being too flashy. Put yourself in the customer's shoes. Think about that time you visited a website and immediately clicked exit because the colors made you dizzy and uneasy. 

5. Credibility & Recognition

Customer testimonials speak volumes. Allow your customers to provide feedback of the service or products they purchased from you and share their feedback through your social media and website. This will not only work as a marketing strategy but it'll also increase credibility. You also want to attend networking events or seminars where you'll be able to speak about your business and get recognized by others. If you are in close contact with any leading professionals, ask them for help in spreading awareness about your brand since they may have an extensive platform of connections. 

6. Customer Satisfaction

The way a company carries itself when a customer is unhappy with their products or services can either make or break them. Be as flexible as you can and seek an alternative which will keep your customer happy. Go the extra mile and make sure to fully understand your customer's needs in order to solve their issues in a unique way which they will remember forever and hopefully tell everyone about.