5 Things to Consider when Creating a Website for your Business

When owning a business, you want to make sure to create a space dedicated to your products and services where people can always refer back to. A website helps you showcase your business in a more professional and concise manner, collect information for potential leads, and makes it easier for customers to contact you. Given these three attributes, you have to make sure your website is optimized for prime customer experience.

Consider the following tips when making a site for your business:

Choose a Domain

When creating a domain for your site keep this in mind: less is more. Try to create a simple domain which reflects your brand. The easiest domains are usually the name of your business which is a good choice especially if you're trying to get your customers or potential leads to remember you. Creating a domain with the same name as your business also helps avoid confusion. Businesses that are easy to access online tend to rank higher during a search. So make sure you choose a domain which is easy to spell and this goes for the name of your business too. 

Proper Back-end Platform

There are tons of platforms out there you can use to build your website. However, each of these platforms are designed to suit distinct services. Take some time to research which platform would fit your business best according to the services you offer and the purpose you want to use your website for.


Before you promote your website, make sure to test out every inch of the site like if you were the customer. Click on all the links, notice if all the pictures display properly, measure how long the site takes to load, and if you have a subscribe option test it out using your own email to make sure the email goes through. If you're selling products on your site, try to shop for the product like the customer would in order to see if anything is missing or faulty. It's important that everything on the site is working properly in order to guarantee customer satisfaction. 


A website says a lot about your first impression to a potential customer. The truth is, no one likes to visit a website which is difficult to navigate through. Get straight to the point and once again, remember that less is more. Don't waste time adding too many words and things to your site which will clutter the look and feel. Create links and tabs which are easy to access and find. Easy navigation will make for smooth sailing on your site. 

Color Scheme

Believe it or not, color has a lot to do with how someone reacts to your website. Pick a color scheme that matches your overall brand but also think about how it would make you feel to visit a site with the colors you chose. If you need help distinguishing which colors would suit your website best, read this previous article about website colors and user engagement.