The Importance of Employee Feedback

Being told that you're doing things wrong can be hard to hear. Especially when you are a business owner who has put so much energy and time into creating your dream business. The importance of feedback in the workplace from employees is something that should be taken seriously amongst employers.

Employees can collectively share their opinions and concerns in order to help you as the business owner create a more positive work environment. A successful company culture will motivate your employees, increase productivity, and drive your business forward.

If you're feeling uneasy about feedback in the workplace, here are 3 reasons why it matters:

1. It'll Make you a Better Leader

Listening to what your employees have to say about you will help you get an outsider's perspective of your leadership skills. We view ourselves differently than everyone else and hearing their perspective can ignite motivation and challenge you to become a more well-rounded leader. It can also spark your drive to learn, grow, and overcome any flaws you oversaw as a leader which you've always wanted to address.  

2. You'll Make Better Decisions

How can you make a reasonable decision on a business strategy without knowing how your employees really feel? If you take a moment to listen to what your employees are saying about what’s happening at the office, you'll have access to an incredible amount of insight within every level of your company.

Your employees are the ones who are experiencing every inch of the business in a personal manner. They speak to customers, use implemented technology, and handle transactions on a daily basis. If you know how they feel when performing their daily tasks, you'll be able to make better decisions in order to improve the business. 

3. Employees will Perform Better

Yes, you should be open to hearing what your employees have to say about the business but reciprocated feedback is just as essential. In order for your employees to improve and perform at their full potential, they need to know how they're doing. Make sure to constantly provide feedback on their performance and identify areas that need improvement. 

It's easy to give them a pat on the back and keep moving, but is this really effective for your business? When people want to grow in their career they are eager to know if they're doing the right things and what they can improve on. By you providing corrective feedback you are not only helping them grow professionally but helping them improve productivity in the workplace.