The Evolution of Marketing

Marketing concepts and ideas have notably gone through a series of changes throughout the years. With technology as the main ingredient, businesses are rapidly benefiting from electronic marketing methods aside from the traditional advertising mediums.

When it comes to traditional marketing methods, businesses formerly sold their products from the company’s point of view with the sole purpose of selling the product itself. Nowadays, it's more about the customer’s point of view, experience, need, and overall satisfaction. Companies have benefited from a customer oriented type of marketing in order to improve overall product performance and reach a higher level of satisfaction from the public.

Traditional marketing also used to mean exposing your business via pamphlets, posters, television, and even radio announcements which also meant you had to spend a significant amount of money. Modern marketing however, allows you market your company directly from social media for free. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow you to not only advertise your business free of charge, but also lets you decide how you want to expose your business to the world.

The flexibility and freedom that modern marketing has created compared to traditional marketing methods is colossal. It has produced a multidimensional world where businesses not only sell their goods to customers, but also allows them to interact directly with the consumer, therefore molding their product along the way.

Additionally, the digital age is also an essential factor in modern day marketing.Text messaging, mass emailing, targeted advertising, and social media are all mediums which have assisted in the evolution. Although multiple marketing methods have come to light, it is important to choose a medium which best suits your company and the message and audience you are trying to reach. While new age marketing is on the rise, traditional methods and techniques may be a great way to begin and understand the main idea behind marketing.