How to Successfully Leverage Video Content in Your Paid Campaigns/Ads

Think about the last time you were scrolling through your feed. How many times did you stop scrolling whenever you came across video content and actually took a moment to watch it? The truth about video content is that it's fun, flexible, entertaining, attention grabbing, and most importantly it allows you to connect with your audience. 

The best part of all is that video doesn't even need to be expensive so don't worry about having to hire a whole production team. You can also repurpose your video content and create multiple ads by splitting your videos and creating several short clips. The data that this paid content will generate can also help you create retargeting campaigns in order to reach a more accurate audience. The options are pretty much endless with video content!

In order to maximize your video content and create ad campaigns that will actually pay off, check out the following ways you can leverage your video content: 

1. Create How-To Videos for Your Product or Service

Videos are possibly one of the best ways to explain to your audience how your product or service works. Providing this sort of visual demonstration allows your potential clients to see how easy, effective, and valuable your product or service is. Visual instructions are easier to follow, especially since the client is able to pause the video and follow each step at their own pace while at the same time learning visually.

Let your creativity flow and get the most out of your video content by creating not just one video showcasing everything but multiple clips instead. This will generate you plenty of content and you'll also be able to focus on one thing at a time rather than speeding through everything. Don't forget to perform split tests for your videos in order to see which video performs best and grabs the viewer's attention.  

2. Introduce your Brand

When it comes to telling a story and conveying valuable information, there's no better medium to do so than through video. Nowadays not a lot of people are keen on reading multiple paragraphs of texts, especially when it comes to advertising. This is why video content is key when it comes to introducing your brand to the world.

You can create video content that shares the origin of your story, what the brand represents, its values, or simply provide an overview of what your product or service can do on a larger scale. The important thing to keep in mind when working on this video is that it has a powerful purpose and demonstrates the value behind your brand. 

3. Promote Real-Life Experiences with Your Brand

Brands that tell relatable stories usually have a high success rate when it comes to attracting an audience. People like to feel understood and like others can relate to them. Think about brands like Coca-Cola or Nike. Their commercials always tell a story, whether it's about sharing a coke with others or achieving your dreams to become a professional athlete.

If your brand evokes emotion, chances are it's going to impact those who are watching. These emotions and ability to relate to your brand will cause viewers to talk about your brand to others and spread the word about you. When creating your videos, don't worry about being too fancy and proper. Sometimes the best way to do it is by taking the simple route and putting yourself in the viewer's shoes.

4. Spotlight Your Products

As users get deep enough in your sales funnel and are close to purchasing, seal the deal by promoting individual products or services. You can do this with a single video clip ad or by using the carousel ad method to showcase multiple products.

Carousel ads look like this:

Facebook carousel ad example the sill 

In essence it's an ad where you can include several products and the viewer simply clicks through, moving much like a carousel. If you choose the single video ad method make sure you video spotlights your product from up close, contains animations to capture attention, and lists all the benefits the viewer will enjoy if they choose to buy the product or service. 

5. Incorporate Educational Videos with Content Funnels

Paid video content is an excellent way to reach new audiences on distinct platforms, grab their attention, and drive them to your site in order to learn more. This can also bring new users into your content funnel and double as a paid ad funnel as well.

All you need to do is create a few short videos that focus on content and sharing information. Then, let your viewers know that they can find out more if they click. With this click you can take them to the full blog post or a landing page where they'll need to sign up.  

Your videos can be short, about 15 seconds or less. Share a few details here and there but don't give away too much. In order for them to find out more, persuade them to click in order to reveal all the juicy information. The video will serve as a hook to grab your audiences' attention and have them click in order for you to gather leads.