How to Stay Relevant After your Event is Cancelled


As the entire world continues to adjust to this new normal due to the pandemic, businesses alike have had to get creative and seek alternatives. Many events have been cancelled this year and at this point it's unclear whether those events may even happen this year at all. For some companies, live events are the epicenter of their business and source of income. 

While some have chosen to wait it out and hope this will blow over soon, others have taken this time to reevaluate, plan, and evolve. Instead of waiting for business to resume, they are doing everything possible to stay afloat and work through the circumstances. This includes generating leads and getting the word out about their brand, services, and products. 

Here are a few things those businesses are focusing on in order to persevere and stay relevant amid the chaos:

1. Live Virtual Events

 Zoom has boomed during this pandemic not only for work purposes but also for events and webinars. Virtual events give you the opportunity to reach your audience and connect in an authentic level even though it's not in person. This surge of online events has given brands the opportunity to reach a wider audience, build authority amid uncertain times, and continue to grow relationships and generate leads. 

Tip: Don't stress about hosting a lavish event. Focus on bringing valuable information through a relaxed livestream discussion or a visual webinar. 

2. Content Marketing 

If you need to cut costs, try to leave your marketing budget for last. Now is the time to boost your content marketing in order to stay relevant. Make videos, write more blogs, post your services on social media, and send e-blasts. Your content gives you the opportunity to provide people with the help and advice they're looking for during uncertain times like the one we are living through right now. At the same time, this also helps you build your brand up to be a reliable and trusted source. 

3. Constant Social Media Engagement

As people continue to stay home, that means users are on social media now more than ever. Brands should take this time to increase their social media engagement and build trust with their audience. Come up with new, fresh content that really touches your followers and will help your brand cut through all the other irrelevant social media content.

Focus on quality and on delivering valuable information. Be empathetic with the situation and post things that will spark a positive conversation and at the same time provide help and guidance. Emotion is also a great way to draw your audience and connect with them in a genuine way. Try to make them laugh, be silly, and provide inspiration through your posts.

When a brand pays attention to the latest occurrences and focuses directly on the needs of their audience, their social media engagement, brand recognition, and lead generation rises. 

It is too easy to give up and throw it all away when uncertain times arrive. However, brands that are proactive and make the effort are the ones who will come out on top and pave the way for long-term success once things get back to normal.