7 Ways to Increase Email Opening Rates

If you take a look at your inbox, chances are that it's filled with hundreds of companies trying to reach you and sell you their products. This is also known as email marketing and with a carefully crafted email you can reach and impact customers with just a click of a button. This form of marketing helps you connect with your audience to promote your brand and drive sales. Emails not only allow you to sell your product but also share company news, tell a story, or simply communicate and convey a message to your audience.

With so many emails going out to people everyday, there's a possibility that your emails are drowning in your recipient's inbox so you want to stand out from the crowd. Like many other marketing campaigns, you must analyze your email marketing strategy in order to determine if it's working effectively. One of them is tracking your email opening rates. Many companies fail to carefully track data from their email campaigns which end up hindering the campaign's overall goal. 

Here are a few tips which will boost your customer's click rates:

Create Striking Subject Lines

This is the first thing a customer reads once the email hits their inbox. Think about what catches your attention whenever you receive an email. Put yourself in the customer's shoes while creating a subject line in order to come up with something you know will guarantee an opening click. 

Speak Directly to One Person

Try to be more personal by including their first name in the subject or in the opening body of the email. This will make your customer feel like you are speaking to them directly. An email is more likely to be opened if it feels like it's been written specifically for the recipient. This level of personalization will keep them engaged with future emails sent by you. 

Provide Quality Content

Focus on providing outstanding content which the recipient feels they can only obtain from you. If you provide engaging, interesting, and informative emails then your email opening rates are guaranteed to rise. No one wants to receive information which is overused and that can be found anywhere at all times. 

Know When to Send

Timing is everything. Not only in real life but also in marketing. Make sure to spend some time researching when users are more likely to be checking their emails based on your industry and the type of content you're sending. This will help the likeliness of your emails being opened during prime time. 

Stay Away from Spam Filters

When creating a subject line, stay away from words like "sale", "free", "deals", or words in all caps. If you use those type of words then chances are your email will go straight to the recipient's spam folder. You want your emails to promote your product but you also don't want to go overboard. 

Go Mobile

Nowadays most emails are read on a mobile device rather than on a computer. As you craft your emails, make sure to send some test emails to yourself in order to guarantee it'll look good when opened via a smartphone. 

Update your List Regularly

Sending out emails to an outdated contact list may be like speaking to a wall. Review your contact list regularly and remove inactive subscribers in order to guarantee better opening rates. You also want to watch out for any misspellings which means you may have been trying to send emails to addresses that don't even exist.