How to Declutter your Head and Organize Ideas

Having a cluttered home, room, work space, or kitchen can undeniably create a negative environment. Sometimes, clutter not only exists physically but also mentally. A cluttered mind is recipe for unproductivity, stress, anxiety, and over all disorganization. If you feel you have great ideas but have a hard time taking action, it may be a sign that you need to narrow down your thoughts in order to gain some peace of mind. 

One common method used for organizing ideas and clearing out a stressful mind is writing. Try making lists or simply jot down any thought that comes to mind. This will help you categorize your ideas and organize them better as you see them written down on paper. As we stuff our brain with information and thoughts, it can easily become overwhelming to decide what to do first and determine what is priority and was it not. Free writing also offers an empty space for you to pour out your mind and declutter your head from any excessive information.

Another simple way you can clear your mind is by taking a walk. Breathe, disconnect, and allow some oxygen to flow through your brain by taking a quick stroll. Often times we try to do too much and don’t allow ourselves to stop and take a break. Take some time to “smell the roses” with a nice stroll. It will allow you to analyze your surroundings and divert your mind onto something different for a change. You can even go a step further by hitting the gym or turning your walk into a jog. Taking some time off will also welcome new ideas which will help you execute better and allow you to look at a situation from a different perspective. 

Communicating with someone you trust is also a great way to declutter your mind from any stress or worries that are currently consuming you. Although talking to someone about your problems or worries can be hard at times, talking to the right person can help you offload and recharge your mind. As we bottle things up and hold them inside it can become harder to focus and concentrate on a task, therefore hindering our overall performance. 

Being positive and maintaining a good outlook on things is another method you can seek when your mind is feeling a bit blue. When things aren't going our way and we’re feeling particularly stuck we often tend to give up. However, staying positive and believing in a way out will help you organize your mind and achieve your goals. No task is too hard or impossible and as you manifest positivity, things will progressively become easier.

Our biggest enemy is usually ourselves and we allow ourselves to become our worst critic. Don’t forget to give yourself some credit. Chances are you never thought you’d be where you are and it’s important to reflect on all your achievements. Be proud of yourself and remember that the only reason why you are where you are is because of you. Your effort is the most important ingredient and as you go down the list of all your achievements, you’ll remember that a cluttered mind is not one of the main ingredients in the recipe of success.