How to Create Engaging Instagram Video Content

Instagram video content is absolutely a must when it comes to building your brand's social media strategy. Multiple companies have sought this resource in order to attract customers, teach viewers about their brand, and display their products. Instagram lets you get creative with your video content so you have the freedom to display your brand how you like best. However, there are a couple of tips and tricks you can use in order to create engaging Instagram video content. 

Tell One-of-a-Kind Stories

Personal non-fiction stories always touch people the most. Try to partner up with someone, whether it's an existing employee, a close friend, or someone you know is willing to share their story and make a video of them on how they persevered and overcame challenges. Viewers love to see inspirational stories that will motivate them and this type of raw footage will create a connection between you and a potential customer who feels like they can relate. 

Start with an Eye-Catching Clip

Let's face it, a person's average attention span continues to decline which means you have to work harder in order to lower the chances of someone scrolling past your content. A good method to use is putting your clip's most engaging part as a cover image for your video. This usually interests viewers as they scroll through their feed.

Cross Promote your Videos

Maximize Instagram by promoting your video all throughout the platform. You can cross promote by posting something on your story, your actual feed, via live video, and on IGTV. This will guarantee that you have all the bases covered and that your viewers will know about your new content through at least one channel.

Share a Sneak Peek

Keep your viewers wanting more by only sharing a sneak peek clip of your video before actually posting the whole thing. Try to use a part of your video which will keep your audience guessing so you can have a great turnout once it's fully published. Suspense definitely keeps people wanting more and this will also be great marketing for your video.