How to Build a Strong In-House Marketing Team

Depending on the marketing strategy you choose for your business, you either use an in-house team or seek the help of a marketing agency. Although marketing agencies can help ease the workload around your business, using an in-house marketing team can suit your company best. There's no doubt that agencies that solely focus on marketing have great knowledge and experience. However, having an in-house marketing team can help build a stronger brand and team. Before hiring your ideal marketing team, consider the following:

Manage the Workload 

In order for your in-house marketing team to work effectively, you can't just pile on the workload. Although your in-house team knows your business better than anyone else, they won't be able to successfully execute if priorities aren't clear. Try to delegate work according to each person's specialty. You can also leave your team to do the important marketing work that you know will shine according to their expertise and use an outside agency to do the tedious tasks that may be slowing down your team. You can try using both an in-house team and an agency especially if your business is new.

Training is Key 

Invest in your team. You can only get better if you continue to learn and stay up to date with the market. In order for your team to have a proper idea of your business's vision, you must provide proper training. Give them a full run down from beginning to end of what your vision is and what you wish to achieve as a company and through your marketing. Training is not meant to last one day, and it also shouldn't happen only one time. In order to keep getting better, have periodical trainings which you feel will keep your team refreshed and improve their efficiency. 

Hire your Dream Team

If you want things done right, make sure to hire people who relate to your vision. During the interview process, ask questions related to their experience with social media, what level of marketing they've done, what is their marketing strategy or which ones have they used, what is their marketing specialty, and make sure they understand the importance of revenue and growth. Don't forget to ask questions about areas you want to focus on in your business and anything you think is important to know about someone who will potentially work for you. Each person you bring to your marketing team should have a specific specialty like SEO, content creation, research, social media, and so on.

Be Open to Feedback 

No one works closer to your business than your own team. Be receptive to new ideas they might propose. You don't necessarily have to agree with everything they suggest but allow them to at least express their ideas to you. Discuss it with your team and figure out the pros and the cons of implementing a new process. Sometimes several minds working together is better than one. 

Specialty Groups

As previously mentioned, each candidate you hire has a specific marketing specialty. Breakdown your team into separate marketing groups so they all focus on their separate project and exercise their forte. You can have groups broken down into departments like SEO, marketing research, social media marketing, content marketing, and online advertising.