6 Simple E-Blast Tips

E-blast campaigns are a type of marketing strategy businesses use in order to reach a targeted audience. Typically, this audience consists of people who have subscribed to receive your emails. A successful e-blast campaign can help raise awareness of your business and stay present within a potential customer's options.

Here are some useful tips that can help you build a successful e-blast campaign:

Target your List

If you don't have a targeted list and send emails to a broad audience, chances are you'll have a high unsubscribe rate. Your emails can also get filtered out from your recipient's inbox and be categorized as spam. The goal is to send your e-blasts to people who are interested and want to see your content. 


Think about your emails in advance so you don't feel overwhelmed and pressured to create content at the last minute. Major email marketing platforms like Mailchimp let you automate your emails so they get sent out automatically according to whatever date you choose. This will help you keep track and stay organized. Before you create your email content, think about what you're sending and how this e-blast will impact that targeted list of users. 


Certain email platforms have special features which inserts the recipient's name and other information that makes the email seem more personal. Just by inserting someone's name it can increase the opening, click-through rate, and overall results for your e-blasts. You can also alternate by inserting the user's name in the subject line which is the first thing they see once the email hits their inbox. 

Go Mobile

Since most people are opening their emails via a mobile device, you have to make sure your email content is compatible both on a computer screen and on a cellphone. Email marketing software like the above mentioned, Mailchimp, allow you to preview your email in both ways before you send it.

Trial and Error

Test as many times as you can before sending out your e-blast. Send the email to yourself and make sure you go through it carefully. Put yourself in the recipient's shoes and see how the email makes you feel and if it accurately represents your brand and overall campaign message. Don't forget to view the email both via your phone and on a computer to make sure your email content looks great. 

Talk Less and Show More

Let's face it, the average person's attention span seems to be declining as the years go by. Don't waste time overloading your emails with words. Make it fun and interactive. Graphic design platforms like Canva allow you to get creative and design some of the best and most user-friendly content.