5 Easy & Creative Marketing Ideas for Mortgage Loan Officers

Coming up with creative and effective marketing ideas can sometimes be frustrating and confusing. Since we are currently living through such a fast-paced digital age, the pressure is definitely on. You have to constantly come up with innovative ways to market your services as a mortgage loan officer in order to successfully stay ahead of the competition. 

It's never too late to revamp your marketing strategy, in fact you can even alter it as you go if you're not happy with the progress. What matters is that you're constantly looking at the data and finding new ways to make those numbers go higher.

Here are a few strategies you can implement to your marketing strategy in order to stand out from other mortgage loan officers:

1. Create Plenty of Visual Content

Content is not just about words. Pictures and videos usually give people a better understanding of a location than words can. While you're out and about, make sure to snap a few pictures of your favorite local spot and take some videos as well. Visual content is eye-catching and instantly shareable. This means that not only will this help bring viewers' attention to you but it'll also help you expand your reach.

Social platforms have created different types of ways to share content with your audience. In other words, not only can you post to your profile but you also have the ability to do live videos and post on your stories. All these different ways to interact with your audience gives you more opportunities to reach a larger audience, tell more people about what you do, and provide quality content. 

2. Expand your Network

Most people turn to their friends and family for recommendations when it comes to buying a product or service. Think about the last time you asked a friend for a good restaurant they'd recommend, or your dad for a good drill to buy. It's crucial to get your name out there for this very same reason. The more people know about you and your services, the more recommendations you'll get.

Networking nowadays is not only limited to in-person events. Online networking is possible as well. Now, it's important to keep in mind that although online networking is possible, there's nothing like an in-person meeting. When it comes to building a strong relationship, nothing can compare to meeting someone in person. 

3. Develop an Email Strategy

Although some people would argue that email marketing is outdated, doesn't work, or is just simply not worth it, 78% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months. Don't underestimate the power of emails. Nowadays, everyone is on their phones and not only are they on social media but they're also doing almost everything via their mobile device and that includes checking emails. 

Email marketing can be tailored to your specific audience, personalized to each recipient, and guarantees rapid delivery. The most important part is that you send valuable content that provides value to your subscribers. Don't put so much emphasis on promoting your services and instead think about what your audience currently needs and how they would benefit from your services. 

 4. Create Ads for Your Social Media Posts

Social media marketing is on the rise and it's also constantly changing and evolving. Go the extra mile and create advertisements out of your social media posts. Social media ads will go beyond your current network and aid your brand exposure. 

Since social media marketing is on the rise, this would be one of the most important strategies you can implement to your marketing strategy. You can target specific zip codes, professions, interests, and more!

5. Maintain a Positive Online Presence

Having an appropriate online presence doesn't only pertain to social media. Your website, business listings, and online reviews also need to be presentable to the public. 

Make sure all your information is spelled correctly and up-to-date. Put yourself in your audiences' shoes and ask yourself how you would feel if you were a customer visiting your website. Would you hire yourself? The easiest way to lose a business is by having an unprofessional online presence.

Look closely for inconsistencies, accuracy, and ease of use. Make changes where you see best and always keep customer experience at top of mind.