Why your Social Media is Not Growing

There’s no doubt that a meticulous and thorough social media presence is crucial to an audience’s first impression of you. Growing an audience is one of the hardest things to achieve, especially when you’re facing plenty of competition. Although you may be spending several hours in the day working on your social media, how sure are you about all the content you are providing?

In order to grow on social media you need to plan and strategize, otherwise you’ll fall in a cycle of endless publishing and zero audience interaction. Before posting, it’s important to keep certain things in mind: is the content relevant to your business or image? Who are you trying to reach? Is the content you are posting relevant to the social media platform itself? Always remember that each platform reaches specific audiences, so what you post on Instagram sometimes won't work for your Facebook audience.

Each social media platform has to grow using distinct strategies. If you’re struggling to grow your Facebook page here’s a tip: stay relevant with the trending topics on Facebook by posting something that relates to the trending topic. Another useful trick is hashtags. Using hashtags will promote traffic to your page and allow you to measure the overall impact on your profile. You can also incorporate a hashtag of a current trending topic. 

If you’re struggling with your Instagram account, there’s also several things you can do in order to grow your audience. Instagram allows you to present yourself in a more human form. Therefore, instead of simply promoting yourself in the general “BUY NOW!” or “CLICK HERE!” manner, you can share posts in a real-world setting which allows you to connect personally with the audience. Instagram is image centric and aesthetically pleasing content will drive customers to your posts, hence boosting marketing for your brand or image.

So remember, the next time you plan on sharing something with your audience keep these things in mind: how relevant is my content to my brand? Do I know who my audience is? Is this content accurate for this specific social media platform? As long as you know the needs and wants of your audience, you’ll be on your way to exponential social media exposure.