Why Customer Testimonials and Reviews are Important for your Business

Have you ever wondered the impact that customer reviews and testimonials has on a business? Take a quick look at these results:

  • 93% of consumers say online reviews influence their purchase decisions.
  • 82% of consumers agree that the content of a review has persuaded them to buy.
  • 72% of consumers will read reviews first before taking action.

Reviews and testimonials have an incredible amount of power over your business and the products or services you offer. Honest customer reviews are an essential part of running an online business. They can help with your conversion rate, make your business more credible, and persuade people to buy from you. 

Getting people to believe in you enough to spend their money can be very difficult, especially if you're just starting. When you have reviews from others who have tried your products firsthand, people will be more open and accepting of your business. When customers know that others have had a pleasant experience, they will be less hesitant to make a purchase. Large online retailers like Amazon and Ebay have based their platform on customer reviews and given their success, it can be easy to conclude how valuable reviews are for a business.

Something to steer clear from is writing fake reviews or creating fake testimonials for your own business. Shoppers have become experts when it comes to identifying fake reviews and this can cause extensive damage to your company's reputation. Fake reviews usually tend to follow similar patterns and overemphasize on things that a real shopper would usually not mention in a review. Real reviews will not only contain relatable and believable information but it's also a form of free advertising. 

Ask customers to leave comments or review products they have bought from you. Offer them a special discount for taking the time to review your product. You can also reach out to a customer and ask them to do a testimonial video which will make your website and product itself more legitimate to potential buyers. Customer reviews and testimonials will also add more content to your website which also helps your company seem professional, valuable, and credible. 

People like to hear from others who are just like them. They like to feel like they can relate to someone and reviews are the best way to make them feel secure about where they are spending their money. Not only will reviews help attract customers, legitimize your business, and provide free marketing, but it'll also help you improve your product or service directly from a consumer's point of view.