4 Things to Keep in Mind for your Marketing Campaign

In order to build your company's identity, presence, and following, a marketing campaign is a strategy you can utilize to make those things happen. A marketing campaign can make your company stand out from others and help promote an action or a message that leads customers to a desired goal. 

Let's start with the basics. What is a marketing campaign? It's an organized course of action to promote and sell a product or service. This type of campaign is mainly used in order to bring awareness of a new product, capture organic customer feedback, or simply promote your services. Usually, marketing campaigns reach customers via emails, social media, television, or radio. 

Creating a marketing campaign can be an elaborate project. However, it can also be a fun interactive process which will teach you about marketing along the way. Before you create the content and start the campaign, there are certain things you must think about before you tackle this project.


What is the Goal of the Campaign

Start simple and straight to the point. Think about why you want to do this marketing campaign in the first place. Perhaps you want to:

  • Generate revenue
  • Grow your audience
  • Increase engagement
  • Promote your product
  • Inform your audience about an event


Measure your Campaign

You want to be able to see if your campaign was worth it, don't you? You can analyze and track the progress of the campaign by reviewing data results from your social media posts, likes on your Facebook page, customer engagement, email opening rates, new followers gained, social media mentions, and any sales and revenue made since starting the campaign.

In order to properly measure the success of your marketing campaign, you have to set goals depending on the mediums you'll be using. For example, if you're going to use email and Instagram to launch your campaign, then you must set a determined amount of opening rate goals for the emails and a set amount of mentions and followers you think you'll gain on Instagram from the campaign.

Keep in mind that social media channels offer different types of analytics. For this example I used mentions and followers for Instagram, but you may also choose to measure the amount of likes on your posts, amount of comments, or how much people you can reach and interact with via direct messaging. 


Who is your Audience

Make sure to determine who your audience is in order to avoid a silent marketing campaign. Consider a few things, are you trying to market to new or existing customers? Are you marketing your brand to those who already know about it or are you introducing a new overall brand identity? Although you may choose to target your current audience, it may also help with providing brand awareness to a new audience.

The main purpose behind determining who your audience will be is so you provide content that correlates with their wants and needs. Think about what problems, questions, and message your campaign will solve and provide through your products and services. This all has to do with the type of audience you are targeting. 


Design your Marketing Campaign

As you create content for your campaign, you essentially need to think about a color, design template, and an aesthetic that will be signature to your brand and marketing campaign. This is much like building your own brand vision, mission and identity. Some businesses use an in-house team to design the campaign, while other businesses seek the help of agencies. Typically, using an in-house team can be more favorable to your campaign's overall success since the team works closely with the brand on a daily basis versus an agency.