4 Helpful Ways to Market your Business' Grand Opening

After months and even years of hard work, the grand opening is without a doubt one of the most exciting aspects of starting a business. For this day, you want to make sure that you attract as many guests as you can and acquire the attention of a large audience. In order to achieve this, you have to market the grand opening of your business as much as you can and use the right methods.

Continue reading below for quick tips:

Local Bulletin Boards

Most cities have bulletin boards and forums where important updates and information is shared. Consult with city officials or members of your local park about including an ad about the grand opening of your business on the bulletin board, on a park flyer, on electronic newsletters, or hanging posters within the location. Don't forget to also extend the invite, especially to the city officials who can attract a large audience. 

Use your Network

Your network should be at the top of your list. Invite your family and friends and if you have employers, let them know to do the same. Extend the invite to anyone you know and talk to on the daily and tell them to spread the word and bring guests. Word of mouth is a great form of marketing.

Social Media

Although billboards and bulletin boards are a form of marketing, there's no power like the power of social media when it comes to marketing. Create a Facebook event for the day of the grand opening. Invite everyone you know or extend the invite to your entire Facebook audience to guarantee more guests. You should also create a social media account for the business itself and use social media ads to promote the event. You can also promote your social media platforms at the actual grand opening to guarantee people keeping up with your business and attract a constant audience. 

Partner Up

Ask your local coffee shop if you can leave flyers about your grand opening or post the flyers on their bulletin board if they have one. You can also reach out to local hotels, schools, and parks and ask them if they can pass out your flyers or have them available for anyone to take at the front desk or reception. Your grand opening is a great opportunity to build a relation with other local businesses who can guide you and bring you more clients.