Direct Messaging: How your Business can Benefit from DMs

If you have a social media account chances are you are fairly familiar with DMs, or direct messaging. Direct messages are private and they're mainly used to exchange messages between you and your followers, friends, strangers, or just about anyone you want to talk to.

Instant connection is what people crave and social media provides the right amount of urgency in this fast-paced world. So, why not apply this instant level of connection to your marketing efforts? Think about how efficient, quick, and easy it can be to reach out to customers all over the world with just a quick message!

Why Use Direct Messaging for Marketing?

Despite the incredible power behind private messaging, the grand majority of marketers ignore this instant tool and miss opportunities. Posts, likes, shares, and comments are equally crucial to your social media presence, but not every action needs to be in plain sight. This is where direct messaging comes in.

1. Instant Networking Opportunities  

Networking is essential in order to grow your business and spread the word about your services or products. Mixers, dinners, conferences, and special events are the most common places where people usually network. Direct messaging gives you access to a much larger audience at an instant level which in-person networking can't provide.

Using DMs on social media empowers you to connect with the right people and talk to your dream customers. Although you may never meet them face-to-face, today's digital world makes it totally acceptable to meet your customers digitally. 

2. Share Promotions

Direct messages are also an effective way to share promotions, sales, and any special offers in a personalized way. You can send out an image with a URL, tell customers to visit the link in your bio, send flyers, or just about anything else that matches your marketing strategy. Direct messages also help you keep your customers up-to-date with the latest and greatest happening in your business. 

3. Deal with Negativity 

Every business goes through a negative experience with a customer, it's pretty much inevitable. No matter how perfect you try to be or how hard you try, you can't make everyone happy. Public dissatisfaction with your business can have a serious impact on your sales and brand. 

It's always best to take care of these situations in a private matter rather than have an entire audience witness an exchange between you and your customer. Direct messaging is a great way to resolve an issue privately and effectively. Customers appreciate the one-on-one attention and urgency. Remember to never ignore a dissatisfied customer and try to attend to their needs as soon as possible. 

4. Q&A

Invite your customers to ask you any questions via DM. Rather than having them waiting on the phone, this will help you solve their issues or answer their questions instantly. Efficient customer service will drive more sales and motivate your customers to spread the word about your business. 

Direct messaging is just overall faster, efficient, and practical. Everyone is on their phone anyway and an estimated 3.6 billion people are using social media worldwide! So go ahead and use all the tools that social media provides and don't be afraid to connect with your customers.