Best Practices to Help you Become a More Successful Mortgage Loan Officer

There are multiple strategies and best practices you can apply in order to become the successful mortgage loan officer you want to be. With so much information on the internet, it can be somewhat overwhelming to gather all this information and apply it to your everyday work life. At KLA Viral Media, we've gathered and simplified the top 5 best practices we believe are essential in order to take your career as a mortgage loan officer to the top.

1. Gather Plenty of Client Referrals and Reviews

The importance of customer reviews cannot be stressed enough. Think about when you're going to buy something online. Do you buy it without reading the reviews or do you first check to see the rating and what some of the buyers are saying? How much of the reviews affect your ability to place that order? The same goes for you as a mortgage loan officer. Referrals and word of mouth is the best marketing you can receive.

Asking for reviews and referrals needs to be an essential part of your marketing and business strategy. One easy way to gather these reviews is through a follow-up email about your services. Another method is to simply ask! Make sure to provide a pleasant experience after each encounter so they can return the favor.

Understandably so, it can be a little uncomfortable to ask for reviews and referrals, but if you did a good job and feel like you've satisfied your client, then they should be more than willing to help you. Even if the feedback is bad or not as good as you thought, this will help you fix what they think you did wrong and improve your customer service skills for the next client. Learning and accepting your flaws will only help you become better at your job and be more successful. 

2. Be Active on Social Media 

Whether you're into it or not, you need to be on social media. This is simply how the marketing and business world is working nowadays. If your business profile isn't already on social media, don't wait any longer and open that account. Your friends, family, and professional connections need to know about your services and be able to contact you easily. Most importantly, your potential clients are all on social media too and this is how they will most likely find you and learn about what you do. 

Think about it, when you're trying to look for a place that offers a specific service what do you usually do? Most people tend to either ask their friends or search for it online. Searching online is no longer only through search engines, but also on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

Having your business profile on social media platforms allow people to easily share your contact info. If your contact information can't be found quickly, chances are you'll lose potential business to another mortgage loan officer. 

3. Keep Growing your Network 

Not everyone is open or comfortable with the idea of networking because it makes them nervous of overwhelmed. However, networking isn't just about attending a massive event with hundreds of people all competing with each other to see who handouts the most business cards in one night. Networking can be as simple as meeting other mortgage loan officers, real estate agents, home inspectors, and other local professionals that are closely related to your industry. 

As you network and continue to meet other professionals you'll be able to get your name out there on a larger scale. It also helps you expand your industry knowledge and the more you know, the more you can better serve your clients. All these benefits put together will help you become a more well-rounded mortgage loan officer and continue to lead you down the path of success. 

4. Maximize Technology 

Technology is a beautiful tool that has simplified a lot of things for us. Our phones have now become small portable computers which means you can take your business where ever you go. One of the greatest tools that technology has brought along is marketing automation.

Marketing automation can take time consuming work off your daily to-do list and simplify your day. This type of automation is provided through several softwares and platforms that exist. For example, at KLA Viral Media we have a team that specializes in email marketing. This team will create email content which will then be sent to your subscribers automatically. 

Automation simply allows you to focus on the more important tasks, like calling your customers and reaching out to potential leads. Meanwhile, the rest of the work is being taken care of. 

5. Have Fun!

Burning yourself out is a real thing that most people ignore. When your success depends heavily on you, it's easy to forget that you also need a break to stop and recharge. 

Once you leave the office don't bring it home with you. Avoid checking your emails or only talking about work when you're no longer in a work setting. Take some time off even if it's just 3 days or a weekend. Everyone needs some time off. Good ideas are often thought about when your mind is clear and not cluttered with stress. 

When you are able to gain some perspective away from work, you raise your chances of becoming a more successful mortgage loan officer.