6 Tips to Create Valuable Video Marketing Content

If you're looking for a marketing strategy that is still on the rise and offers grand opportunity for you within the marketing department, video marketing is your answer. According to Hubspot, 92% of marketers who currently use video say that it's an important component for their marketing strategy. Not only do they hold video marketing with high regard, but 88% of video marketers also reported that video gives them a positive ROI compared to a mere 33% who agreed back in 2015. Video marketing is also a great tactic to use in order to keep viewers longer on your page.

Think about the direct impact video marketing will have on your customers versus a picture. Video marketing allows you to convey your product or service in a more personal manner. You can demonstrate your product's features, functionality, and results in just one sitting. This is the type of closure customers are seeking. They want to understand your product or service from the inside-out in order to determine whether to invest or not. 

Check out these tips to help you create valuable video content:

Be Yourself

Let go of trying to be perfect on camera. Be yourself and let conversation flow naturally. You want to make your audience feel welcomed, like they can relate to you, and that your are trust worthy. If you try to be too polished and perfect, it will feel too much like an ad. Videos perform better when they are candid, raw, and real. Think about ads on TV lately. Companies have increasingly been using models and actors who look more natural and realistic versus primped and polished unrealistic models. This is because they want their audience to feel understood and they want to reach viewers in a more personal level. 

 Quality over Quantity

Don't try to over do it by posting a ton of videos because you want to have more content. Quality in this case is better than quantity. Viewers will get a sense of your dedication to the product according to the quality of your video. When you rush things you tend to miss out on important details and it usually shows when you took your time and when you didn't. Videos take a lot of time and dedication so make sure you are willing to put in your best effort. 

Keep it Short and Sweet 

Your videos don't necessarily have to be long so don't stress about it. The most important part is that you are providing valuable information for your audience. Major social media platforms tend to only give you a certain window of opportunity for videos like Instagram stories, which are a maximum of 15 seconds long. Now, you may be wondering how you can possibly get a message across in just 15 seconds. You can use stories to promote something bigger and provide your audience with a sneak peek. Remember that people's attention span isn't very long nowadays so you want to capture your viewers at first glance. 

Tell Viewers Who you Are

Part of building trust and credibility is by letting your audience get to know you and the message behind your products and your company. Talk about your mission and what you hope to share and create together with your audience. You want to explain your intentions and why your presence is valuable to the market. However, be careful with making it all about you. Remember to find the human element and explain to your audience how they can potentially benefit from your products and services.

Include Testimonials 

Customer reviews play a very important role when it comes to growing a consumer base. Having real life customers talk about your product and their experience will also help build credibility for your company as a whole. 90% of people read reviews online before visiting a business and 88% of consumers trust reviews made online as much as personal recommendations. 

Solve the Issue

Use videos to answer frequently asked questions or demonstrate users how to properly use a product they may me struggling with. Gather a few questions from your consumers in order to have enough content to create your video. Some people are visual learners so this will help your customers tremendously when they are able to see you properly handle the product. If there's any uncertainty in the air you can also use your videos for discussion and clarification of a particular topic.